We are a destination wedding beauty stylists based in Dallas and Houston, Texas. We offer luxury beauty concierge experiences across the globe.

When booking a destination wedding vendor, these are things to consider.

01 // You are booking by day and half day rates

Most likely you will be charged by 8 hour and/or 4-6 hour rates since you are booking more than one dates due to traveling.

02 // Reserving The Vendor’s Time

When booking a destination wedding, you will be reserving not only the day of the wedding but the dates where the vendor could have potentially book another wedding/event.

03 // Traveling is A Lot of Work

Vendors travel with not only their personal items but their professional kit and tools plus all the details needed for the wedding events. There is so much details and work behind weddings and you are having to add traveling on top of that.

04 // Choosing a Local or Destination Vendor

This is about preference. We always suggest booking a vendor who evokes emotions along with quality work. Ask for vendor referrals, especially from your planner and photographer.

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